Product Images

The images and colours of the products are a guide only and may not be totally representative of the actual product

We try at all times to be as accurate as possible with all images intended to represent the actual item to be supplied

Stock Levels

The product stock levels displayed for each item are as close to accurate as possible at the date & time as being offered.

Sales are made concurrently both online and through our physical store and this on certain occasions will cause inaccuracies.

Sometimes breakages/damages or allowances for physical in store theft will cause inaccuracies.

We endeavour at all times to be as accurate as possible

Should you order/buy online and then we are unable to supply the correct quantity we will make contact with you either for further instruction or we will offer a refund

Assorted Goods

You will note within some product descriptions the following note (or version of) appear within the product description:

Colours/Designs will be sent at random due to our stock limit

This means the product being offered comes in different colours or designs within that individual product code and we have no control of the availability of individual colours/designs within that item’s available inventory. We will therefore send at random.

Please Specify In Cart

You will sometimes see the request to “specify in the checkout cart “which colour, design or size you may require. In these instances, we will endeavour to supply as per your request. Should we be unable to do so we will offer a refund

Chocolate Purchases

When you see the following message within an individual product it means that Overstock Plus cannot guarantee what happens with the product one dispatched from our store.

When buying any chocolate product from our website please understand that we can not guarantee nor take responsibility that our parcels are not subjected to the extreme heat of the weather on route to you.

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